West Paris Public Library

Solar Eclipse Party! 12 to 6 pm April 8, 2024

Eclipse Glasses

West Paris Library will be open from Noon until 6 pm on April 8, 2024, to celebrate the total Solar Eclipse in West Paris.

We are not in the path of totality, but the eclipse will be approx 98.7 % in West Paris.


Following is a link to a computer animation showing how the eclipse will unfold in West Paris, Maine,


In West Paris (according to this model)

eclipse begins at 2:17:47 pm (this is the moment at which the edge of the moon first appears to touch the edge of the sun)
maximum eclipse occurs at 3:30:44 pm (this is the point when the sun appears most covered by the moon)
eclipse ends at 4:39:29 pm (this is the moment at which the last bit of the moon appears to leave the edge of the sun)


Agenda for the day….

All day long: Educational streaming video from NASA, including live coverage of the total eclipse as it moves across Mexico the United States and Canada

Before the eclipse (Noon until 2 pm): Making projector/pinhole projectors for safe viewing


During the eclipse (2:15 pm through 4:45 PM): viewing the eclipse outdoors with pinhole projectors, colanders, and eclipse glasses.
Participants should bring your eclipse glasses if you have them.
Limited number of eclipse glasses will be available on the day of the event.

Snacks and cocoa will be provided.

Our Eclipse glasses are sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, SEAL Solar Eclipse glasses for Libraries, STARnet, and the Space Science Institute.