West Paris Public Library

By-Laws (July 11, 2017)

BY-LAWS of the
July 11, 2017

Art. 1. This entity shall be perpetual.


Art. 2. The name of this library shall be the Arthur L. Mann Memorial Library, also known as the West Paris Public Library.


Art. 3. Any person may become a member, at the discretion of the Librarian, by signing the pledge card.


Art. 4. The officers shall be a Chairman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, chosen from nine trustees. The trustees shall be divided into three groups, and one group shall serve three years, another two years, another one year: and thereafter, three trustees shall be elected annually for a term of three years. At no time shall there be more than one member of the board chosen from a town other than West Paris. The Board of Trustees will submit names of new members of the board to the Board of Selectmen for their approval as necessary.

Any vacancy occurring in the list of officers may be filled by the trustees until the next annual meeting.

Duties of Officers

Art. 5 The duties of the above mentioned officers shall be such as are usually performed by such officers, except as hereinafter provided. The chairman will facilitate meetings of the Board of Trustees, coordinate activities and projects of the board, and maintain communications with the Board of Selectmen.

Secretary & Treasurer

Art. 6. The office of the secretary and treasurer may be united. It shall be the treasurer’s duties to keep an account of the funds of the association, invest the same in accordance with the voted instructions of the directors, pay out the same on order of the directors, or a majority of them, and render a written report at the annual meeting, duly audited by the chairman.

The treasurer, with the Board of Trustees’ approval, shall transfer all the prior year’s balances reflected in the West Paris year-end report of the General Fund for the West Paris Public Library to the Investment Reserve account of the West Paris Public Library. This transfer must be completed after the March board meeting and prior to the April board meeting.


Art. 7. The trustees shall provide suitable quarters for the library, keep all property of the association properly insured, draw orders for payment of approved bills, supplies, employ a librarian and necessary assistants, establish regulations for the conduct and maintenance of the library consistent with its general purposes, and enforce compliance with these By-Laws and obedience to such regulations as may be adopted, with the right to forbid the privileges of the library, temporarily or permanently, to any who abuse of misuse the same.


Art. 8. The annual meeting shall be held at the Library on the first Tuesday in each May, to elect officers, hear reports, and transact the usual business of such associations. The secretary will contact all trustees to remind them of the meeting.

Special meetings shall be notified in the same manner by the chairman.


Art. 9. These By-Laws may be amended at any meeting of the association provided notice has been given at the next preceding meeting, setting forth the substance of such proposed amendment.

Art. 10. May 4, 1931, voted to strike out clause 2nd, Art. 4. (No officer shall be thrice in succession elected to the same position).

Art. 11. July 11, 2017, The Board of Trustees shall consist of no more than 10 or fewer than 8 Trustees.